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More Information on District 10 County Committee Candidates

Carla Buglione (1A)

Carla Buglione has lived in Verona with her husband for 10 years. She enjoys going for walks and spending time at Verona Park with her two children and boxer puppy.

Carla is a dedicated working mom with a strong background in strategic planning and programming. She has worked at the National Football League for 10 years designing career development programs to help athletes grow both on and off the field.

She is running for the Democratic Committee of Verona to promote policies that empower individuals from all backgrounds, encourage voter turnout, and reduce stigma surrounding various social issues. 

Valerie Brahver (1C)

Valerie and her wife have called Verona home for 6 years and have 3 kids under 3. After earning her PhD in chemistry, she left the lab for medical publishing and is an Associate Managing Editor for an evidence-based point-of-care tool for health care providers. 

She is running for Democratic District Leader to improve voter engagement and help elect the best leaders for a better Verona for everyone.

Both Carla and Valerie are the endorsed candidates of the Essex County Democratic Committee, Inc.

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